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Sat 23 Sep 2023  ·  North West Men's Division 7 East
Leigh 1
Didsbury Northern Hockey Club
Men's 7th Team
A Manssour (8'), (12'), (20'), I McDowell (26'), J Rees (30'), J Goldblatt (32'), (69'), M O'Reilly (56')
Men's 7 GW1- Match report

Men's 7 GW1- Match report

Mark O'Reilly24 Sep 2023 - 15:23
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One game down one win

didsbury 7s 8 - Leigh 2
As part of a longer form match report for the season men's 7s will be attempting most matches to submit a full match report.

Men's 7s after their demotion last season hit off their season Vs familiar opposition Leigh who were also relegated from 6SE last season. In a familiar turn of form as last season's game at home against them last year unfortunately they could not field 11 players. With it being the first game of the season we did not offer any of the subs we had so played Vs 8 outfield players in the first half and no keeper.

The 7s at home v not a full 11 last time around struggled so the key of the game was execute passes taking time before shooting.

It took didsbury a while to get their passing game going but after 6 mins or so the ball went out to the right mid before a pass to Ahmed at cf was merely touched and dribbled over the line.

Didsbury scored 2 similar goals before Leigh got one back from a short corner.

The game was a scrappy affair with didsbury passing the ball but perhaps holding on to the ball too long at times. The impressiveness was the speed of runs and balls up the line to the wingers and both Hayden and Mark B playing well.

As the half wore on Didsbury captain continued to make bad stick tackles and annoy the cb #7.

At half time didsbury 6-1 up, before the teams were going to hit off confusion hit all the players on the pitch as Leigh were preparing a keeper, was that really Zie from Didsbury putting on a Leigh shirt? It was not a planned move but it was testament to zies character of right and wrong, the problem being he was probably Didsburys stand out performer in the first half even though Ahmed scored 3.

Didsbury were rattled and did not come out from the break well. Uncharacteristic passing mistakes led to Leigh getting 2 goals back in the first 10 mins of the second half . Both Leigh being inspired by Zie but more down to lack of passing accuracy from Didsbury in their own half.

Mark at captain continued to foul the opposition with poor stick tackles landing himself both agro from the opposition and a green card at the other side of a goal after great work from the juniors with the ball fortuitously dropping to him in the D for a finish.

Didsbury worked hard and worked hard on their attacking patterns and got used more and more to the teamates as the second half wore on, troubled out of possession by the running of the Leigh captain. Grabbing a final goal as mark Os only good tackle of the day on the edge of the D resulted in goal of the day as Hayden hit a great pass out to the right and another pass to Jack Rees who ran to the D and passed it square across for Josh G nearly finish.

Didsbury hope to work on their tackling and improving their attacking runs as a team in terms of positioning when they play next away at Stockport Bramhall 3 , who they lost in preseason at the dying whistle but were troubled only mainly by one player who was playing and scored for Stockport Bramhall 1 Vs the 3s in the following game that day.

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Sat 23 Sep 2023



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Meet time for leaving Northern lawn tennis club at 12:35. Whatsapp on 07544412605 if require a lift. I have at the moment Ahmed,Doug and Zie needing a lift.




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